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  • Workshop destination.check

  • Topic: SEO, Analytics and Contentmarketing

  • Workshop leader: Christian von Häfen

Workshop destination.check

Better understanding, more targeted action

Module 1

SEO / visibility & keyword check

How easyly can Google find your website?

The ability to find a website on Google is extremely important in order to attract many users as users through suitable search queries. But how well and with which keywords can your website be found on Google?

Our Visibility Check gives you an overview of how well your page can be found with which keywords in the organic Google search results and which additional keywords are available to optimize visibility.

  • How good is your website's visibility in Google's organic search results?

  • How does your visibility develop in the top 10/100 of Google search results over time?

  • Which keywords / content makes your website more and less visible on Google?

  • What have been the winning and losing keywords of the past few weeks?

  • Which keywords are increasingly used by competitors?

  • What additional keyword ideas are there?

Module 2

SEO / onsite & technology check

How well is your website optimized for Google?

In addition to the use of relevant keywords, a website that is optimally adapted to the needs of search engines is also important in order to achieve a good placement in the search results. But what needs to be considered?

Our SEO Onsite & Technology Check gives you an overview of the extent to which your page is optimized for easy findability on Google and gives you valuable tips for further SEO optimization of your page.

  • Is the Google Search Console used?

  • Is the URL structure suitable for search engines?

  • Is your site ideal for mobile devices?

  • Are titles and meta descriptions used meaningfully for content?

  • Does the heading hierarchy make sense?

  • Are structured data used?

  • Are all pictures meaningfully named?

  • Is internal link building carried out?

  • Is there a correct XML sitempap?

Module 3

Analytics / traffic & website usage check

How and by whom is your website used?

Of course, there is also the question of who is using your website and what can be learned from it. But how are the analytics numbers actually evaluated? And is the Analytics account set up sensibly at all?

Our Analytics Check gives you an overview of whether your Analytics account is set up optimally and shows clearly what content of your website is used by whom and what can be learned on it.

  • Are your Analytics and Search Console accounts set up sensibly?

  • What are the most used subpages / content?

  • What are the main visitor sources on your website?

  • How is the usage of your site developing over time?

  • How is the share of new users on your website developing?

  • What search terms are used by visitors to your site? *

  • What age and gender are your visitors? *

  • Which region do your visitors come from?

  • Where do most visitors leave your website?

* The availability of this information depends on the setup of your Google Analytics account and the Google Search Console and cannot be influenced by us in the past. We would be happy to give you tips on setup for the future.

Module 4

Report and recommendations for action

You receive the results for each analysis module in the form of a Powerpoint presentation in the amount of 10 to 15 charts, as well as a 5-page presentation with a summary of what your content is particularly well visible at Google, how well the associated website content is optimized and how intensively this content can be used. From this we derive recommendations for you for the content strategy of your website.

The results and recommendations for action are presented to you in a video conference of up to 4 hours or at your location (plus eventual travel expenses) and discussed with you.

The price for all 4 modules is € 2,880 plus VAT.
Partial analyzes on request.