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Better restart-campaigns with business intelligence

Not only the budget size is decisive, but a professional data-supported planning and optimization.


The current Corona news situation gives tourism professionals a rollercoaster of emotions. On the one hand,  the EU vaccination campaign is finally gaining speed. For Germany, ithis is impressiv to see on https://impfdashboard.de.
On the other hand, there is still a high incidence value throughout Germany, which fluctuates around the limit value 100 in many regions and sometimes leads to opening steps and then again to restrictions. In other EU countries it is similar. While Portugal continues to reopen the country, the rising incidence values on Mallorca could prevent further normalization there. 

Agile campaigns must be developed now at the latest 
With all the back and forth, however, it should not be overlooked that the over all trend goes back to a normal situation from July onwards. This is supported by the high number of fully vaccinated people and the normalizations planned for this group of people. After a long economic dry spell, the destination and service provider will do everything possible to generate bookings. Corresponding agile campaign plans must therefore be created now at the latest in order to be effective on the market in good time. 

High competitive pressure 
It is foreseeable that the mass of restart campaigns will ramp up in May and June. The result is enormous competition for consumer attention. Since the beginning of the year, many tourist players have been vying for attention by using their social media channels to occupy the best places in the “relevant set” of potential holidaymakers. 

Last minute abusiness can make advertising ineffective 
The tourism industry will invest a lot of money in marketing and sales in the near future. However, it is difficult for destinations to understand whether there is a return on investment. In the past, this was only possible with a time offset. In a year with an extremely high number of last-minute bookings, such a campaign can come to nothing because there is no longer any time for adjustments. 

Record customer behavior in real time – from inspiration to booking 
If the success of the campaign is not to be left to chance, the customer behavior must be recorded and monitored over as many contact points as possible in the customer journey. This is the only way to optimize a campaign at short notice. This starts with the right set-up of the Facebook and Google Analytics tools, through multivariate testing of formats and content to real-time tracking of the customer journey from inspiration to booking. 

Our services for your success 

  • Real-time booking data for destinations 
  • Agile and professional campaign setup and permanent optimization 
  • Professional setup of Google Analytics accounts 
  • Multivariate tests for even more powerful campaigns 
  • Identification of best performer audiences, creatives and targetings 
  • Valuable learnings for sustainable campaign success 

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