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Fly with me

Between party tourism and fear of flying - how to win the "right" guests?

The difference in travel attitude hardly could go further apart. On the one hand party tourists at touristic honeypots who behave, i.e. whether there has never been Corona and on the other hand 60% of Germans refrain from air travel in the next few months.

As much as many destinations in the EU and worldwide depend on foreign tourists. Responsible behavior on the part of foreign guests is just as important. Otherwise, the hoped-for flow of visitors can quickly dry up in the next lock-down and damage the general acceptance of tourism among the population of the region concerned. Sustainable tourism is of further importance in this context. The restart can only succeed with guests who protect themselves and thereby others.

Find the right guests

We believe that long-term, healthy tourism development can only be ensured by visitors who have an above-average interest in the tourist offers of a region. Because these guests are willing to put up with more effort on arrival, stay longer, spend more and visit this region repeatedly. Due to the close relationship of the interests of these guests with the region, they are also more willing to behave sustainably in order to protect "their" vacation spot.

A paradigm shift is therefore necessary for the goal of tourism marketing. The fixation on quantitative indicators, such as the increase in overnight stays and arrivals, has not led to sustainable tourism development in the past. Now these indicators pose significant economic and health risks. It seems more worthwhile to aim for tourism that enriches people and make visitors and locals happier.

This requires perfect match-making between the guest and the destination. To do this, the disciplines of content marketing and performance marketing, which are often and erroneously seen as opponents, must be closely linked. By combining an emotional approach through storytelling with the possibilities of digital marketing (such as quick range building, iteration and optimization) the “right” guests could be attracted quickly and efficiently.

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