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Japanese cherry blossom with new customer JNTO

In Japan, spring traditionally returns with the breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of cherry blossoms. Hanami, the famous Japanese cherry blossom festival, is also a welcome reason for neusta Grafenstein to welcome spring:

starting from April, under the team lead of Matthias Kraft will sign responsible for the PR and media account of the Japanese Tourist Office JNTO.

Our main goal: to turn German tour operators into real Japan experts through engaging E-learnings and online events, and at the same time arouse end consumers' interest in the Far Eastern destination Japan through classic PR activations. 

For the time being we are still in the inspiration phase and will mainly focus on targeting those interested in Japan but at the same time also reach out ton as open-minded tourism professionals. Tailor-made content is the key to success now, specific products will play an important role in the second half of the year. We are convinced that, as soon as the country is accessible again, we will see a strong increase in bookings to Japan.

People are longing for long-distance travel after the long period of travel restrictions. Trend reports speak of a strong growth in the segment of long-distance travel or so-called once-in-a-lifetime trips for the year 2022. In a study by expedia, the online travel agency, forecasts even predict the GOAT Year 2022. The abbreviation GOAT stands for "greatest of all trips". In its survey of 12,000 travellers in 12 countries, expedia found that 65 % of respondents were planning "something big" on their next trip. As a result, it called the desire for exciting and extravagant travel the "biggest travel trend" of the year 2022.

"Our new client Japan will definitely benefit from this trend," says Frank Grafenstein,Managing Director of neusta Grafenstein. "We are very excited to support the East Asian destination Japan in their successful relaunch in inbound tourism, our team is motivated and very well placed with a number of Asia and Japan experts."

We at neusta Grafenstein are convinced that 2022 will be the travel year par excellence and Germany will once again become the travel world champion. It is a great honour for us to be part of the restart of such an exciting destination as Japan. Another client that fits perfectly to us as a long-standing tourism marketing agency with a focus on Asia.

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