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4 key requirements for more bookings

We inform you how you can reach pre-crises numbers fast and efficiently.

The good news right at the beginning: Germans have more money available for private consumption than they had before the Corona crisis. But in which hands is it? And who is willing to spend it on travel? What is the best marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond? There are four topics that are decisive to return to pre-crisis level - fast and efficiently.


1. Corona is questioning your marketing processes

The corona crisis is whirling up markets, business models, life plans and people's vacation needs. Perhaps one of the most prominent examples, how quickly established marketing processes can become irrelevant, is ITB. While the trade fair was the hub of the tourist world until 2019, it will be just one of many options for making contacts and initiating business in 2021.

For many regions and service providers, this year will decide how - or if - their business will survive the Corona crises. But what is the best strategy to return to pre-Corona figures – fast and efficiently? The application of agile methods is of central importance. In essence, it is about an iterative approach. This means building the communication prototypically with as many and as correct assumptions as possible, testing them on a small scale, analyzing the results and incorporating the newly acquired knowledge into the next iteration step. In this way, the most efficient approach can be found, with little effort, in a short period of time. Upcoming market changes can be implemented very quickly.


2. Corona has fragmented your classical target groups

Your target group selection and approach must be much more differentiated in the future. The classic focus on socio-demographic data or milieus, combined with vacation needs, do no longer work.

An example: The target group of explorers is anchored in the milieus of cosmopolitan avant-garde and liberal intellectuals. Explorers are looking for new, authentic experiences and regional peculiarities, have a slightly above average income, a very high level of education and are somewhat younger than the population average. But targeting that group solely at these parameters will not reach many people in 2021.

Why? There is one major question: Who can currently go on vacation at all? How has the income of important professional groups in the group of Explorers developed? Who had to accept a drop in real wages? Who has a crisis-proof income, such as civil servants, retirees, or professional groups with a shortage of skilled workers? Who has even more money than before? Experts speak about 80 to 100 billion Euros, not being spent during lockdown and now being available for additional private consumption.


3. Corona affected the needs of your clients

Safety has become one of the most important needs. It starts with transportation and accommodation. The avoidance of air travel and cruises, the increase of individual traffic and the higher demand for holiday homes and apartments will last, even beyond the year 2021. The fear of being trapped at the holiday destination due to a Corona outbreak, or of not being able to start the trip in the first place will affect the choice for a holiday destination. On the other hand, there are other people who do not have such fears and who are drawn to the world in search for freedom and adventure.

In regard of our sample target group Explorer this means there is a subgroup, looking for new experiences, far away from home. On the other hand, there will be another subgroup prefering to discover new things on their own doorstep.

These differences in between one target group requires new and individual adjusted messages and content.


4. Corona puts hosts in the spotlight

Due to the pandemic-related contact restrictions, the desire of interaction, exchange and belonging has increased significantly. Hospitality as a real human service is becoming more and more important. Because it the essential factor whether people feel good and at home. Destinations and service providers must concentrate on creating and / or improving safe meeting spaces. Digitization and smart data management can assist this process.

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