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Tips and Tricks

1. In addition to Google Analytics, use the Google Search Console on your website. Otherwise you will irrevocably lack important data about the use of your website in later analyzes. 

Many of our customers use Google Analytics to evaluate the use of their website. Unfortunately, we keep finding that the setup of many analytics accounts is not optimal. As a result, important data are missing. The integration of the Google Search Console is particularly often lacking. As a consequence it is not possible to evaluate which search queries have led to overlays and clicks on Google. This cannot be corrected for the past. We therefore generally recommend to check the existing Google Analytics accounts and set up the Search Console. As a result, you get a much better picture of how users get to your website with little effort. For further information get in touch with us tourism@neusta.de 

2. Show people on your social media channels, not just landscapes. These images are often very well received.