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Visitor guidance in real time

A new development from neusta makes tracking of occupancy within of destinations easier

With 15 million downloads in Germany, the Corona Warning app breaks all records. It enables users to better assess their risk of exposure due to past contacts. But is preventive risk avoidance possible in tourism and leisure activities as well?

The corona virus seems to be an accelerator for digitization in tourism and especially leisure and cultural institutions are looking for quick and easy solutions. Museums, zoos, swimming pools, theaters, cinemas and many other points of interest are increasingly relying on online ticket sales and a time limit on the number of visitors in order to control occupancy. However, digitalization has not yet taken place within the tourism and leisure facilities: safety bands, arrows on floors, fences, "beach inspectors" and expensive security personnel dominate the picture. Costs that the municipalities, cities, businesses or private individuals have to bear in addition. “A simple, fast and inexpensive solution for the guidance of visitor within the destination is needed to avoid the risk of infections “, says Stefan Huber, managing director of hubermedia and co-partner of neusta destination solutions. A solution is provided with the destination.box from the destination.one product family. The mini computer accesses the data of the respective destination and has so far served as an inspiration and touch navigation module for output devices such as Smart TV in hotels, outdoor information terminals at sights, beaches and attractions.

This little "wonder box" can do a lot more: it tracks in real time in the reception area the number of signals that each end device sends in W-Lan mode is grouping these according to type of device and signal strength and delivers this data in line with GDPR. "If the box is in places such as bridge crossings, beach sections, installed in front of sights or reception areas, so it can measure visitor flows via WIFI tracking. For under hundred euros per box this is a really inexpensive and customer friendly solution, that we can offer to all destinations!” explains Adi Hadzimuratovic, Managing Director the neusta destination solutions.

The current occupancy rate of a destination is displayed via a traffic light system. The output of this data can be displayed e.g. via digital info terminals, website, PWA. These informations can be used to guide visitors. For example: destinations with a low occupancy could be displayed preferentially in search result, or in the case of too many guests, a warning appears. The threshold values ​​for a low, medium or high occupancy rate can be specified individually by the operator.

Other measurement methods (e.g. WIFI tracking via public WLAN, camera-based person recognition, radar measurements, light barriers, APP-based person tracking) can also be integrated via destination.one and provided to others via open data.

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