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Why it is important to target the German market now.

Time is money - money is time

Our working world is based on exchanging time for money. Our free time and our holidays play a special role, because here we exchange money for time. Since our free time is only a fraction of our lifetime, it is particularly valuable to us. People catch up on what is often neglected in everyday life: nature, culture, sociability and enjoyment.

For the past year and a half, however, these expectations have only been met to a limited extent.

Germans long for an end to all Corona restrictions and dream of their next vacation. Many figures suggest that Germans are already planning and that they are booking.

Germans want to travel and book now

Regardless of whether the next trip is already planned for this winter or for summer 2022 - many travel decisions are made now. Three indicators highlight Germans will increasingly take longer and more expensive trips again.

  • Consumer climate (GFK) is better than it has been in 18 months. Although it is still a long way from reaching the pre-crisis level, it is clearly positive, the first time since months.
  • Tourism sales climateindex is also as positive as it has not been since beginning of 2020. 36% travel agencies assume that the demand for travel will increase in the next 6 months. In August only 19% expected such a development.
  • Booking systems showed more than 4 million booking inquiries for the winter holidays and 32.5 million inquiries for summer season 2022 during the last 4 months. Previous year, there were only 6.6 million inquiries for the summer season 2021. That means an increase of almost 500 %. Most popular are beach destinations, not further away than a medium-distance flight.

This development is also supported by the fact that Germans are allowed to travel to over 130 destinations worldwide without any problems. Even if German politicians are currently unable to decide about a “Freedom Day”, many Germans get the impression by booking a trip they are buying a ticket to “freedom” and self-determination.

Start the Welcome Back Campaign now

There are many good reasons for destinations and service providers to work intensively on the German market right now.

Two goals can be achieved with appropriate market insights:

  • Clever sales campaigns will meet the demand and generate bookings at an early stage.
  • Other travelers will be positively influenced in their travel decisions, because Germans are traditionally very receptive to new travel inspirations during the winter months.

Service providers and destinations reacting quickly and communicating in a relevant manner can particularly benefit from the current market situation. We are happy to help -

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