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Out of the crisis – Episode 1: Where will your demand be greatest in 2021?

After the easing of corona-related measures, many private households are planning to spend less than they did before the pandemic. This particularly affects the leisure and tourism sector. Will you have to rethink your target group definition?

Out of the Crisis ­­– Episode 1: Which of your target groups will have the greatest tourism demand in early 2021? 

Follow the money 

Under the impression of the Corona crisis, 40% of Germans will spend less on leisure activities and travel in the next 12 months. This is not surprising, because the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the financial situation of many private households (source: Research Brief Deutsche Bundesbank, 35th edition, November 2020). In the second quarter of 2020, real wages fell by an average of 4.7% and again by 1.3% in the third quarter (source www.destatis.de) 

 Conversely, this means: 60% of Germans want to spend at least the same or even more on their travel and leisure activities in 2021. This intention is closely linked to the development of personal income in 2020 and, of course, also to income expectations for 2021. It is noticeable that retirees and pensioners had to struggle far less with loss of income. 

 For 2021, 52% of Germans expect their income to rise. Here, too, this expectation is particularly widespread among employees, retirees and pensioners (source: Research Brief Deutsche Bundesbank, 35th edition November 2020). Especially professional groups with a shortage of skilled workers, such as Nurses or software developer will be able to look forward to a salary increase in the coming year. (Source: gehalt.de) 

Conclusion for your tourism marketing 2021: In addition to the right catchment area and attractive topics, it is above all people who have disposable income and who also want to spend it that should be addressed at the beginning of the year. Reaching these groups efficiently is possible via digital micro-campaigns. 

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