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Which social media strategy works best for the hotel industry in 2022?

Five ideas on how to create more inspiration, brand awareness and bookings with unusual content.

  1. football fever 2022
    Use the increased attention for the World Cup in Qatar to present your offer. E.g. by a spectacular short video with a trick football star, who guides the viewers "playfully" through your hotel. Increase the distribution of your content by cooperating with the most popular football Youtubers.
  2.  memes
    Memes - creative, humorous, and uplifting content, can be produced quickly. Using the opportunity of agenda hopping, even topics that have no direct relation to your offer can be effective for your hotel.
  3. Good-to-know-content
    Your hotel has real treasures of interesting, good-to-know-content to offer. For example, short stories from F & B such as: "How to make the Wiener Schnitzel always a success", "How to make a Between the Sheets unforgettable" or "Table Culture for Dummies" - there are no limits to your imagination. Our editorial team will be eager to stage this content for you.
  4. Win with a digital twin
    Using the latest technology, we create a digital twin of your hotel. This allows your guests to immerse themselves in your hotel world even before they travel. A service that is becoming increasingly important, especially in the Asian market, in terms of travel decisions. With the digital twin, market-specific content (stills and video) can be created at any time, regardless of location.
  5. Push what performs 
    Manifold social media content not only keeps your offer permanently in the conversation, but also provides a lot of data regarding the preferences and behavior of your customers. The combination of native posts and their extension through paid campaigns generates additional insights and helps to optimise the content and conversion.

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