By industry members for industry members

PEP-portal for TUI 4U

  • Client: meinPEP

  • Microsoft .NET/C#, Drupal, PHP

When developing the TSA mask, it was important to us that the frequently mentioned additional work load for travel agencies due to data collection is as low as possible.

Hartmut Heering – Managing Director of the TUI 4U

  • Development of a corporate design

  • Usability analysis

  • Implementation

  • Connection of external CRM system Midoco to the booking engine

  • Modular structure of the software

Attractive offers - especially for tourism professionals

The web portal enables, in addition to current and vacancy-checked offers, the direct booking of flights and hotels.
Starting with the development of a corporate design and a targeted usability study for the creation of the graphical user interface, a concept based on a high degree of usability was developed.
The concept was implemented  through a Scrum-based agile software development process. Technical requirements from the customer's point of view were the integration of the Drupal content management system and the use of MySQL databases. Further requirements were worked out in cooperation with the customer.
Right from the start of the project, we lay great emphasis on the modular structure of the software as well as the simple expandability. This enabled us to integrate additional external systems for rental cars, insurance and transfers into the website. In cooperation with external service providers, interfaces were specified, adapted and implemented.