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More guests with targeted marketing

Online-Magazine destination.travelstory
Integration of your hotel in the form of an advertorial in a high-quality, digital storytelling magazine based on the content we have created, including the option of a one-time free update per runtime.
Content: text of 2,500 characters, 10 images, 2 videos
Teaserbox of your hotel feature for 30 days on the home page.
Readership: The 50,000 readers of destination.travelstory are well educated, have a high household income and travel several times a year, preferably abroad.
If desired, regional targeting for your contribution is possible.
Link to your booking portal

Improve sales and generate more bookings

In-depth analysis and advice on how you can successfully use content marketing for your tourism company.

Increase the popularity of your hotel with guests through digital storytelling
Creation of emotional and informative content about your touristic products
Special preparation of your hotel advertorial for high-quality online magazine
SEO optimized content production


Suitable for:
The hotel industry that specifically wants to open up the German-speaking markets.

Advertise your hotel company with perfect timing
Increase the popularity of your hotel
Generate more bookings

Realization period:
Minimum term: 12 months

From € 240 per month
We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


Increase awareness and sales of your offer with the following package

Add on integration of tour operators

  • Research and analysis of the 25 most important tour operator for your touristic product

  • Personal contact with the 25 most important tour operators

  • Aim: Increase the presence of your offer with tour operators.

+ 2,500 €