Ireland vacation planner and travel guide in a new look

Inspiration for a trip to Ireland

  • Client: Tourism Ireland

  • Editing, text, layout, production, sales via Tourism Ireland and others

The current Ireland magazine is not only characterized by its inspiring content, but also by the high level of funding through ads and advertorials.

Matthias Kraft
neusta Grafenstein

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Ireland Market Book

The Ireland Magazine guides through the diverse touristic offers of the island

With great enthusiasm we started to redesign Ireland's Market Book – The Vacation Planner and Travel Guide 2020 – on behalf of Tourism Ireland. We have compiled and prepared a lot of relevant content – in the forms of small stories and  personal reports.
In Ireland's Market Book the reader can expect breathtaking landscapes, exciting history, captivating culture and spectacular coastal landscapes. He will discover interesting cities such as the lively capital Dublin, the merry Derry or the vibrant Northern Irish Belfast with its exciting art scene. Besides we illuminate the mysterious and legendary worlds of Ireland's secret treasures: its islands.