All of Japan in one magazine

Inspire and inform guests about storytelling with us.

  • Client: All Nippon Airways (ANA)

  • Editing, text, layout, production, distribution by ANA

Working on the magazine together with the agency is a lot of fun and works simply and smoothly. Again and again, we are impressed by the result: great layout, great pictures, as well as articles, and some of our customers are already waiting for the new issue.

Karola Praechter
Marketing & Communication, Senior Agent, All Nippon Airways

  • Inspiration for the destination

  • customer service

  • The magazine will be sent directly to consumers by ANA-Europe on request.

  • The further distribution takes place via numerous trade fairs as well as in the context of consumer roadshows and travel agent seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Japan merges tradition with modernity

The Japan Magazine serves as an inspiration for many readers, but also as a travel companion.

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, we have been designing the Japan Magazine on behalf of All Nippon Airways, Japan's largest airline, for many years.
Without a doubt, Japan is one of the most fascinating countries on earth. Over the centuries, Japan has developed such an independent way of life, manners, and eating culture that every visitor is constantly receiving new inspirations from everywhere. The difference between the Japanese culture and all other cultures on earth is so enormous that travelers to this country can't help but be amazed and often change their lifestyle after returning from a trip to Japan. With every new issue of Japan Magazine, we introduce further facets of this wonderful and sometimes strange country.
We want to inspire the readers and awaken their desire for a successful trip to discover and explore Japan.