Good times for families

Increase the quality of communication with us

  • Client: Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg

  • Interaction design (UI/UX), Corporate Design, Corporate Publishing

With the redesign of the familien-ferien magazine, we have succeeded in short format storytelling. This has not only reduced printing costs, but it has also become more popular with parents.

Anja Hemmerich
Projectmanager / Sales Manager Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg

  • Storytelling

  • Increase relevance

  • Use budgets in a more targeted manner

  • Improve partner integration

  • Increase demand sustainably

familien-ferien realigns communication

More relevance for families through needs-based content offers on- and offline

"Good times. From us. For you.” Baden-Württemberg's families invite vacationers personally to share a great time with them! This customer benefit is immediately apparent after our relaunch and restructuring in close cooperation with Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg.
The website shows that Baden-Württemberg is a family-friendly travel destination. If you want to learn more, you can now swiftly find an abundance of information and inspiration.
The offline campaign uses regional parent newspapers as communication channels for the annual family magazine, which is filled with highlights, news, and blogger stories. The focus of the magazine on inspiring stories while at the same time shifting the presentation of the certified businesses to the website enabled a significant reduction in costs.