The staging of the travel destination Taiwan in social media 

Bringing the tourist strengths of the destination to people with tailor-made content

  • Client: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

  • Destination positioning; content marketing on Facebook and Instagram; community management

Your articles and tips are great!
Michael M.;

It is simply unbelievable how much such a small island has to offer.
Daniel D.;

Your site is really beautiful.
Rebecca S.

  • Entertaining presentation of the travel destination

  • positioning of Taiwan in social media through its strengths and values

  • explanation of the benefits of Taiwan's tourism potential

  • information about tourism offers and seasonal events

  • direct dialogue and exchange with customers

  • closer acquaintance of German travellers with the human and humorous side of the Asian country

Taiwan vacation: With the clear positioning to social media success

Arousing wanderlust for Taiwan with precision and passion

We believe that the content should contribute to the destination brand. That's why we developed a positioning for the sweet potato-shaped island of Taiwan: where does the heart of Taiwan beat, which values are lived locally, with which natural treasures does the country attract (spoiler: mountains!). During this affectionate inventory we have collected multifaceted stories about the country and its people, which draw on the present and history of Taiwan.

In this way, the portrait of Taiwan with its specific characteristics and the associated attitude towards life was created, which we continue to spread through social media channels. Cultural, gastronomic, and scenic features of Taiwan are staged in series on Facebook and Instagram. Every day we tell shorter or longer stories, from snack content to solid TV productions: about records of the small island and its curiosities, about local heroes and the local inventive spirit.

We use the interactions of the followers to measure which stories go down particularly well with German readers. With posts about large and small art objects, national dishes, indigenous festivals, we try to bring the followers a little closer to the Taiwanese secret of happiness. On the spot in Taiwan, we collect all things that touch us. We pack all our meetings, paths, tastes, sounds, and views into different content formats to give the readers exactly this feeling: how it feels to be on the road in Taiwan.

In this way, we take those interested in Taiwan on an insightful and entertaining journey directly into the Heart of Asia. 

Anna Pashkova