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  • Client: HA Hessen Agentur GmbH

  • Digital campaign, social media campaign via Youtube and Facebook, digital Out of Home campaign

Denn mir in Hesse sinn die Beste, die wo gibt, unser Gläser sinn net glatt, die sinn gerippt. Mir trinke unsern Ebbelwoi gesche de Dorscht Un hamm mir Hunger, esse mir e Aale Worscht.

Karl Heinz & his Hannebambelbrothers

4,3 Mio

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Hesse is home

Building identification and reach with user-generated content

The #100Meisterwerke campaign aimed to make Hesse known as a destination for short breaks, targeting couples between 36 and 65 years of age in North Rhine-Westphalia.    
With the help of the Holistic Marketing Process, the tourist offerings of Hessen were positioned as masterpieces. Regional campaign motifs were developed and played out from a cluster of the hundred most important masterpieces. The campaign motifs were created from user-generated content. For this purpose, the Hessians were called upon to post a photo of their masterpiece under the hashtag #100Meisterwerke on the Facebook or Instagram page of the campaign partners. From this material, 21 videos were developed, which were distributed in a first batch via a Facebook and a YouTube campaign as well as in an out-of-home campaign. A second, purely online batch followed. Each video called for a specific offer and a competition to test Hesse as a holiday destination.
More than 89,000 participants were won, most of whom gave their opt-in for the newsletter. More than 890,000 people watched the videos and 4.3 million people came into contact with the campaign.

Frank Grafenstein

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