GastroXperience Bilbao/Bizkaia

Unique immersive experience to discover the Basque Country


  • Invitation management

neusta Grafenstein has added great value to our event by bringing in celebrities, influencers and top journalists. It has also been a pleasure to work closely with Olga. She is a great professional and achieves excellent results.

Garazi Ramos
Digital & Media Marketing visitbilbaobizkaia

  • Research work to connect with potential high-level and influential guests who can promote the event and destination.

  • Contacting and presenting the event and convince the guests to participate.

  • Invitation management

  • Welcoming the guests on site

GastroXperience Bilbao/Bizkaia in Hamburg

A unique immersive experience to discover the Basque Country.

"Now I really want to travel to Bizkaia to experience the Basque way of life first-hand." Brygida @bohostyleliving

"It was amazing and one of the most exciting things I have ever done!" @Sandra

"90 minutes in a cube with special effects – what an incredible experience!" @Svenja Theißen

These are just some of the positive comments of the guests who had the unique opportunity to participate at the GastroXperience in Hamburg at the Maritime Museum on April 20th and 21st. The Region of Bilbao/Bizkaia, together with the airline Vueling and the Tourist Office of Spain had the pleasure to host an extraordinary culinary event where influencers, bloggers, journalists, actors, and many other famous personalities, were able to get to know the region, and its diversity with all 5 senses!

The purpose of GastroXperience was not only to present the local cuisine, accompanied by spectacular dishes, images, sounds and scents, but also the culture and uniqueness of the region with its waterfalls, rugged coasts and beautiful nature. The experience offered to the guests went far beyond the purely culinary: it was a multimedia and immersive adventure, which left the guests in awe!

The journey started in a cube, which was built in the Maritime Museum in Hamburg. With technical effects, such as an interactive table, multimedia walls and three-dimensional video projections, the adventure began! The artfully arranged culinary delights were prepared by chefs specially brought from Bilbao to provide a particularly authentic taste experience. Scents, sounds, games and Basque music rounded off the event.

neusta Grafenstein was entrusted with the task of inviting top-class guests to the GastroXperience in the Hanseatic city. Among the guests at the event were one of today's most famous Wagner tenors, Klaus Florian Vogt, actors such as Kostja Alexander Ullmann, Jacob Matschenz and Sina Zadra, Michelin-starred chef Thomas Martin, TV chef Christian Rach, radio host Alicia Álvarez, Klaus Hildebrandt, editor-in-chief of FVW International, as well as other journalists from relevant media and established influencers. The event was also a great success thanks to the presence of so many celebrities and attracted the attention of the media.

Conclusion: "Bilbao and the region of Bizkaia are really worth a visit"!