Taiwan - the way from sad training to the event

Inspire the travel industry with us.

  • Client: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

  • Conceptual design, invitation management, preparation and supervision of the event. Additional training presentation + moderation of the entire event.

Dear neusta tourism team, we thank you for the great organization and planning of the event. neusta tourism successfully presented Taiwan, to numerous travel agencies from Frankfurt and its surroundings, as an important long-distance travel destination. The event left a lasting positive impression on us and our partners.

Lena Schrader
PR/Marketing Assistant Taipei Tourism Office

  • Reduced workload through outsourcing of planning

  • Significantly higher number of participants through professional invitation management

  • Experienced moderation and product presentation.

Taiwan Event deluxe

Training can be fun

The creation of an attractive concept is the key enabler for any event marketing. The density of events is high, as are the expectations of a successful event. To stand out from the mass of invitations and achieve a high number of visitors, it must be precisely defined in advance what is of interest to the respective target group and how they can be motivated to participate. In the case of the Taiwan Event in Frankfurt, an exclusive environment was combined with an interesting testimonial. The actress Valerie Niehaus, well-known from radio and television, supported the general product presentations with her very individual Taiwan experience. Both the high number of registrations and the extremely interested audience confirmed the success of this approach.