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Out of the Crisis – Episode 3: How do you deal with the consequences of digitization?

The corona pandemic has spurred digitization and the willingness to use digital offers in the tourism sector. As helpful…

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Out of the crisis – Episode 1: Where will your demand be greatest in 2021?

After the easing of corona-related measures, many private households are planning to spend less than they did before the…

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Resignation is not an option: sales-oriented digital micro-campaigns

The key question is: when is what possible and how? The watering can principle has never made sense, but now it has…

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Eine Frau öffnet die Vorhänge in einem Hotel

5 requirements for a successful restart of tourism business

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge for tourism since the start of professionally organized tourism, 160 years ago. We all…

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Fly with me

Between party tourism and fear of flying - how to win the "right" guests?

The difference in travel attitude hardly…

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