MICE events for destinations

Events are an efficient way to showcase your destination effectively. Use our expertise to put your products in the spotlight.

Your advantages

With over 20 years of experience and a broad network in the tourism industry, we offer customized events that are precisely tailored to the needs of your target groups.

As part of neusta GmbH, we use the latest technologies for optimal event organization and promotion.

Our digital processes enable a smooth workflow from registration to success measurement.

Our services for live and hybrid events

  • Concept and planning

  • Location Scouting

  • Catering

  • Event engineering

  • Organization of keynote speakers, moderators, panel participants

  • Entertainment

  • Marketing and communication

  • Invitation management

  • Broadcast of the event via social media channels

  • Documentation

  • Evaluation

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Convention for destinations

Conventions and congresses are ideal for presenting destinations in a professionally relevant context. Conventions help to establish valuable contacts with various interest groups in the industry.


  • Location selection: Selection of the event location in coordination with the program schedule and the expectations of the target group in terms of location, travel and event duration. 
  • Program design: We provide support with the technical design of the program and organize relevant participants for discussion panels and keynote speakers.

  • Marketing and invitation management: Tapping into all target group potential for your event through professional 360° communication. 
  • Sponsorenmanagement: Identification and acquisition of potential sponsors to support the convention and relieve your budget. 

  • Networking Support: We support you on site to establish important contacts. 

  • Erfolgsmessung: We measure and document the success of your convention using clear KPIs. 

Your benefit: Conferences and congresses that are professionally sound and strengthen the image and presence of your destination. 

Case Event „ITB Convention"
  • Curation of the congress program for 18 theme tracks. 
  • Organization of top speakers and C-level speakers. 

  • Content production around the event, including for 4 social media channels, newsletters, trade articles, press releases, interviews, podcasts and videocasts before, during and after the ITB Berlin Convention. 

  • Implementation of sponsoring. 

  • On-site realization of the event, event direction, stage management.


  • 200 Sessions 

  • 400 Speaker 

  • 20.000+ Visitors 

  • High level of visitor satisfaction

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Events für Destinationen

Events are ideal for making your destination tangible with all the senses and are an important building block for inspiring people and creating loyalty to your destination brand.


  • Location selection: Selection of the event location in coordination with the destination image and communication goals and the appropriate implementation - on-site, hybrid or as an event in the digital space.  
  • Invitation management: We ensure that all relevant guests attend your event.

  • Media coverage: We plan events in such a way that they generate the greatest possible media response and thus extend their reach. 
  • Networking Support: We actively promote the exchange and networking of participants on site. 

  • Erfolgsmessung: We measure and document the success of your event using clear KPIs. 

Your benefit: Events that inspire and achieve a wide reach. 

Case Event „GASTROXPERIENCE Bilbao/Bizkaya"
  • Immersive event with interactive tables and three-dimensional video projections, "5-senses staging". 
  • Catering prepared by Basque chefs with regional delicacies.

  • Top-class guests, including Wagner tenor Klaus Florian Vogt, actors such as Kostja Alexander Ullmann, Jacob Matschenz and Sina Zadra, star chef Thomas Martin, TV chef Christian Rach, radio presenter Alicia Álvarez, Klaus Hildebrandt (editor-in-chief of FVW International) and other journalists and influential personalities from relevant media.


  • The presence of VIPs and influencers led to extensive follow-up coverage in various media such as newspapers, magazines, blogs and online platforms.

  • Generating participants for press trips.

  • Increasing attention and image.

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Roadshow & Workshops for destinations

Workshops and roadshows are ideal for imparting knowledge, getting people excited about your destination and networking the key players in your region with important partners and opinion leaders. Our offer includes


  • Route planning & location selection: Selection of suitable cities and venues, taking into account the expectations of your target group in terms of location, travel route, catering and duration of the event.
  • Travel management & cooperation management

  • Staging your destination: We show you how you can stage your destination, including the necessary technology, at an optimal cost-benefit ratio. 
  • Program design: We develop the ideal mix of knowledge transfer and entertainment for your target group and provide key note speakers and moderation.

  • Invitation management: We ensure that the right number of the right participants attend.  

  • Networking Support: We support you locally in making important business contacts.

  • Measuring success: We measure and document the success of your event using clear KPIs. 

Your benefit: Workshops and roadshows with maximum impact and the best cost-benefit ratio.

Case Event „Lanzarote Premium"

           Selection of a centrally located venue with state-of-the-art event technology and attractive decorations.

  • Planning and implementation of experience-oriented workshops
  • Targeted invitation management for trade media, journalists, bloggers and influencers to maximize reach and attention. 

  • Catering with typical local products.


  • Increase in attention.
  • Reporting in the media.
  • Strengthening the sense of community.