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  • Client: adamare Singlereisen und Geoplan Touristik

  • Interaction design (UI / UX), CMS Wordpress with e-commerce plugin WooCommerce

I want to bring together singles who have to face their daily lives alone. When I see their happy faces, I'm happy too!

Steffen Butzko
Managing director and owner adamare SingleReisen

  • Creation of personas and user stories 

  • Responsives Design

  • Wordpress with e-commerce plugin WooCommerce

  • Extension to a complete CRM system

  • Automation of work processes

adamare singles tours continues to grow

Website as a conversion point for individual advice from the product managers

adamare SingleReisen is a special tour operator for single people. It is the tour operator's philosophy to consciously see being a single person not as a blemish, but as a possibility, which makes it so successful. The majority of guests are repeat travelers who appreciate traveling in a group, free from the constraints of classic group tours dominated by couples. On the other hand, these trips have nothing in common with online dating agencies, which are geared towards self-optimization. adamare simply offers journeys for people who are curious about other people and who value special travel experiences and quality. In the area of single trips, the user stories are a bit more complex than for trips that focus more on couples. 

Correspondingly high were the demands on the design of the user experience. The website does not only convey the philosophy of adamare, but also inspires, informs, and generates bookings with a high conversion rate. For this the individual needs of the users were analyzed in detail. This analysis determined not only the conceptual approach and the screen design but also the technical implementation.

SEO optimization was also crucial in this context.
For all these reasons, the website was built based on WordPress with the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce and extended to a complete CRM, which simplifies many work processes or makes them possible in the first place.