eLearning for Thailand 

Train travel agents and tour operators efficiently with us

  • Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand

  • Conception, design, UI, UX, content creation, programming, market launch

Sawasdee kha dear neusta tourism team, Thank you very much for the professional implementation of our e-learning and the smooth and pleasant realization of the project. We are very much looking forward to a renewed cooperation.

Laura Stäter
Marketing Executive, Tourism Authority of Thailand

  • Many years of expertise

  • detailed knowledge of the target area

  • complete production and conception in one agency and thus short and fast coordination channels

Thailand Training everywhere and at any time

Knowledge compact and practical

While general e-learning platforms do not offer the freedom to adjust the layout, structure, and process of an e-learning course to the individual needs of the respective destination, the focus of the project was these specific points. Each part of the e-learning was purposely designed to meet the needs and requirements of the country. Therefore the greatest possible benefit was created for both users and the destination. All travel agents benefit from an exciting and target-group oriented training that is precisely adapted to the needs and specifications of destination sales. Thailand was not only able to place all its desired topics in the long run, but also to receive the complete use of all participant data. This results in numerous other marketing strategies in addition to e-learning.