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  • Client: Geoplan Touristik GmbH

  • Interaction design (UX/UI), programming, SEO optimization

It has always been my wish to run my own tour operator and I am happy that I have the opportunity to do so with Geoplan Touristik.

Tobias Büttner

Geoplan Touristik GmbH

  • Creation of personas and user stories

  • responisve design

  • Interface connection to the already existing booking system Tour32

  • cross-generational operating concept (both younger customers and users aged 60+)

Geoplan weiter auf Wachstumskurs

Website as a conversion point for individual advice from the product managers

Geoplan Privatreisen has been a specialist for exclusive travel experiences in Asia, Arabia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania for 25 years. Strong customer loyalty and high quality of advice on an individual basis is the recipe for success and steady growth. In doing so not only the number of travelers increases but also the spending per traveler.

The website has the special task of providing qualified contacts for telephone advice and sales. No bookings can be made directly on the website, only inquiries.
The particular challenge was to create a user experience that would attract a wide range of visitors. Long-term established customers should continue to be able to inform themselves comfortably about the offer and new customers should be convinced with a modern and yet timeless appearance.

This has been achieved through a very clear, adaptive design and the optimization of the user experience at almost all contact points.
Naturally, all SEO aspects were considered and the website was optimized for speed.
An Open Source CMS is used as a basis, which was connected to the existing booking system Tour32 via an interface. Therefore the existing offer can be conveniently exported at any time for provision on the website.