Better understand the behaviour and needs of your visitors

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  • Topic: Google Analytics workshop

Better understanding behaviour and needs

It is widely known that Google Analytics, for instance, offers great means to better understand the behaviour and needs of your visitors. However, optimal setup and evaluation is often not easy.

Content of the workshop

  • Is Google Analytics optimally set up? 

  • How many visitors does your site have?

  • How do visitors reach your website?

  • What content on your website is most attractive? 

  • Which regions do visitors of your website come from? 

  • Which visits lead to registrations or bookings

  • How can Analytics data be visualised optimally?

  • How is the socio-demographic structure of the website visitors?

It is often just a detail that cannot be corrected retrospectively that leads to data not being collected or reported as desired. Possible consequences include a lack of a data or even wrong decisions.

So how do you use Google Analytics optimally, and what evaluations are possible to understand the behavior of visitors of a tourism website? To answer this questions we offer you our Google Analytics Expert Review. 

As a result, you will be able to better understand the behavior of your website visitors and serve their needs as good as possible.

The Analytics Expert Review includes a briefing call of up to 1 hour, the development of our recommendation as well as a video conference on the results of up to 2 hours. We offer our detailled Expert Review for 1.920€ plus VAT.

Our Analytics Expert Review focuses on how visitors arrive and behave on your website. If you are also interested in the visibility of your website within the Google Search results, our destination.SEO expert review is a perfect complement.