Search engine optimisation (SEO)

More visitors thanks to better discoverability in the Google search results

  • destination.SEO workshop

  • Topic: Search engine optimisation (SEO)

destination.SEO workshop

Better discoverability in Google search results

Nowadays, a large proportion of all tourism searches for inspiration and information start with Google and the like. Those who can be easily found with important search terms can therefore attract many interested visitors in a cost-effective way.

Content of the workshop

  • How well will your page be listed in Google Search at present and over time

  • What are the top keywords to search for your page? 

  • What are the most important competitors for your top keywords?

  • With which keywords are comparable providers particularly easy to find?

  • What other keywords should be used? 

  • Are HTML tags, meta tags and snippets used optimally? 

  • What optimisations should you make to be more discoverable?

What should be done to optimally position a tourism website in the Google search results? We answer this question with our search engine optimization (SEO) expert review.

The following contents are included:  

  • Introduction  
  • Description of the approach 
  • Executive Summary 
  • Summary of the results 
  • Visibility of your site in Google search results 
  • History of visibility on Google in the last 12 months (based on Sistrix data) 
  • Keyword analysis and recommendation 
  • Top 50 keywords of the site by visibility and position (based on Sistrix data) 
  • Top 50 keywords of up to 2 other websites (of your choice) by visibility and position (based on Sistrix data) 
  • Meta data check and recommendation 
  • Page title (Meta Description)  
  • Page description (Meta Title) 
  • Canonical URLs 
  • Other meta data 
  • Linking analysis and recommendation 
  • Internal links 
  • External links 
  • Image check and recommendation 
  • Naming, alternative texts and compression 
  • Forwarding analysis 
  • Check for faulty redirects 

As a result, you will be able to optimise your tourism website for discoverability in search engines and attract additional interested visitors. We are happy to also optionally provide you with longer-term support.

The SEO Expert Review includes up to 1 hour briefing telco, elaboration of our recommendation and up to 2 hours video conference on the results. We can offer the Expert Review from 1.920€ plus VAT.

Our SEO Expert Review focuses on the visibility of your site on Google. If you are also interested in how visitors reach your site and behave there, our expert review is the perfect complement.