Website analysis

How to build a convincing and authentic website

  • workshop

  • Topic: Structure of the website

Workshop Website Analysis

The right structure for your website

Your website content should pay into your destination. With the right topics, you can bind your guests to your company!

Contents of the workshop

  • Topics and content for which your business stands

  • The needs of your guests and their questions

  • Structure of your website: Sitemap, navigation, modules, home

  • Wording for your content and visual language

  • Emotion as a factor in success

  • Your brand identity

  • Imagery

We develop the topic structure for a clear and informative website, which will delight your guests.

Your benefits?

We derive the topics from your brand identity so that your website is authentic. We structure and prioritize your content so that visitors can find the information they are looking for. 

Our aim: Your website will reflect your brand identity and differ from your competitors. Your products are presented in a sensible and appealing way on the website. The visitors can easily find their main areas of interest.

The workshop includes a briefing via telephone, research, the preparation of documents and an interactive presentation. Workshop from € 1.920,- plus VAT (for an on-site workshop add travel expenses and travel time).