Content for Social Media

Extend your social media reach with entertaining content

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  • Topic: Content for social media

  • Workshop leader: Anna Pashkova workshop

Content for Social Media

Tourist companies that want to be found through social search should be able to stage themselves.

Workshop leader Anna Pashkova

Contents of the workshop

  • Your brand identity and strengths of your destination

  • Preparation of your topics for social media

  • Content formats and ideas for more interactions

  • Social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

  • Texts that awaken wanderlust - practical tips from GEO

  • Visual content: principles and tools

  • Content Plan 


Why is this workshop so good?

We develop the social value of your topics so that you create dialog-oriented posts. You can now address the strengths of your destination on your accounts and derive topics for your audience to talk about.

What problem does the workshop participant solve this way?

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare your topics for social media and get enthusiastic reactions to your posts. You can take the perspective of your followers and provide meaningful entertainment.

What will improve for the participating company in the future?

After this workshop, you will create social media content methodically and entertaining. You can implement different content formats and get the desired attention of your guests.

The workshop costs start at € 1,920 plus VAT (for an on-site workshop add travel expenses and travel time).

Expert Review

Social Media Expert Review 

In our Expert Review, we examine how you can improve the use of your social media for your communication goal. We check the staging of the travel motifs on your channels and give specific tips for greater reach. We show you which content formats you can use to increase the entertainment value of your posts. We give you practical tips on how you can increase the relevance of your posts to followers. In a comparison with competitors, you can see how you can optimize your social media performance. We also check your network-specific settings and give recommendations for action.

The Expert Review includes a briefing on the phone, the development of our recommendations and a one-hour video conference in which we present our suggestions to you. We can offer you the Expert Review starting at € 960 plus VAT. Use all your social media potential!