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Significantly more visitors thanks to efficient digital advertising

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More visitors thanks to digital advertising

Digital media are now an integral part of our everyday lives across almost all age groups and offer excellent opportunities to address target audiences and gain them as visitors, even with small budgets.

Content of the workshop

  • Which media are suitable for your goals? 


  • What are the pros and cons of advertising in different media? 

  • What are the options for specifically addressing your target group? 

  • Which advertising formats are particularly suitable for your goals? 

  • And what motifs make sense for your message?

  • How do you set up the campaigns technically? 


  • What should be considered regarding performance measurements?

  • And how much budget do you need to achieve your goals?

How should a tourism provider approach digital advertising in practice? What should be noted? And how can this be implemented? This is why we offer you our digital advertising expert review or workshop.

The expert review is primarily suitable to identify optimisation options for existing approaches. The workshop format is primarily suitable to work out the best possible implementation together, e.g. for the first time or after a relaunch. 

  • The expert review includes a briefing of up to 1 hour via conference call, the preparation of our recommendation and a video conference of up to 2 hours in which we present our recommendation. 
  • The workshop format includes a briefing of up to 1 hour via conference call, the preparation of our recommendation, the workshop preparation and a video workshop or on-site workshop of up to 4 hours in which we work out recommendations and the next steps together as well as documenting the results. 

We can offer you an expert review from €960 plus VAT. The costs for the workshop amount to €1,920 plus VAT (for an on-site workshop plus travel expenses and time spent on arrival). 

As a result, you will be able to select the optimal media, advertising media, motifs and targeting and successfully draw up and implement digital campaigns. We are happy to also optionally provide you with longer-term support.